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Caritas Rwanda donated COVID 19 prevention materials to the Ministry of Health

La Caritas et la minisante

The Catholic Church, through Caritas Rwanda, provided the Ministry of Health with various equipment that will be used to prevent COVID-19 and to help patients suffering from respiratory problems.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel NGAMIJE, His grace Bishop Anaclet MWUMVANEZA, President of Caritas Rwanda, Bishops of the Catholic Dioceses, Apostolic nuncio representative in Rwanda, heads of clinics, the Director of BUFMAR and many others.

The Catholic Church in Rwanda has 109 health centers and the 10 hospitals that received this medical equipment. These hospitals are the following: Ndera, Ruli, Nemba, Rilima, Kiziguro Kabgayi, Gakoma, Mibirizi, Murunda and Gatagara.

According to the President of Caritas Rwanda, the Bishop of Nyundo Diocese, His grace Bishop Anaclet Mwumvaneza, equipment includes facial masks, surgical gloves, medical boots, hand washing soaps and oxygen machines, all funded by the Italian Episcopal Council for a value of (294,475,215 Frw).

Director of Caritas Rwanda, his Excellency Bishop Anaclet MWUMVANEZA
Director of Caritas Rwanda, his Excellency Bishop Anaclet MWUMVANEZA

Bishop Anaclet MWUMVANEZA also stated that the objective was to provide health care workers with equipment to help COVID-19 patients and to protect themselves. He assured that the Catholic Church will continue to provide assistance whenever possible, whether in the fight against COVID-19 or any other necessary action.

"The Church, through Caritas, has helped the community in many ways, including providing assistance while we were in containment because of this outbreak of COVID-19, and will continue to provide assistance, whether for medical or other purposes," he said.

"Some of the Church's donations were worth 160 million Frw, but we can't count every support, for example Christians helping people through eclesial based communities and parishes, because sometimes it's not easy to count it all," he continued.

In a statement from the Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel NGAMIJE, thanked the Catholic Church and its sponsoring partners, saying the support is very helpful and is an addition to other materials to help fight the COVID 19 epidemic.

"We are grateful to the Church and its partners, such support is always important in this fight, so it is important that each of us get involved to protect ourselves and others, the way we behave is the way that changes the number of cases," he said.

Ministry of Health, Dr. Daniel NGAMIJE thanked the Catholic Church
Minister of Health Dr. Daniel NGAMIJE thanked the Catholic Church 

Dr. Nzayisenga Albert, one of the directors of the hospital that received the equipment, testified that the disease is highly contagious and the medical staff is among the most vulnerable and therefore needs a lot of protection to be able to take care of others.

The equipment will allow them to be protected as doctors and will also help them take care of their patients.


Caritas Rwanda as usual decided to do something to helpCaritas Rwanda as usual decided to do something to helpibikoreshoibikoresho


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